Getting Started

There are a range of resources that provide guidance on how you can build equity, diversity and inclusion efforts within your nonprofit organization.  While some elements are best led by an impartial, outside consultant, there are many aspects that can be self-led.  If members of your team have the experience and skills, and your organization … Continue reading Getting Started

Recruiting, Hiring & Retention

Following are several articles about how to build a more diverse staff.  Keep in mind that recruiting and hiring only work if the environment into which diverse recruits are placed is an inclusive one which values diverse perspectives and experiences.  An essential ingredient for effective retention efforts is building your inclusive values into the day-to-day operations … Continue reading Recruiting, Hiring & Retention


Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan… sometimes, you’re starting from a place of conflict…  That’s not unusual.  Diversity and inclusion conversations are not easy or everyone would be having them. Those whose identities align with dominant populations (majority populations, groups with historically more access and opportunity), often are wary of diversity and inclusion … Continue reading Troubleshooting


Good communication is essential for growing an inclusive organization.  Communicating throughout your process will keep people informed and energized about the work and provide transparency for the process – which builds trust. Attention to internal communications also provide your organization with a precious opportunity to practice messaging before communicating externally. If you’re about to embark on a diversity … Continue reading Communication

Culture Shift

If you focus all your attention on recruiting and hiring for a diverse staff and none of your attention on shifting the internal culture of your organization, your retention will suffer.  You need to create an inclusive environment to keep staff who appreciate that culture. There are a number of steps to take in order … Continue reading Culture Shift