Culture Shift

If you focus all your attention on recruiting and hiring for a diverse staff and none of your attention on shifting the internal culture of your organization, your retention will suffer.  You need to create an inclusive environment to keep staff who appreciate that culture.

There are a number of steps to take in order to shift your internal culture toward one that respects and values unique perspectives and experiences:

  1. Articulate your values – put it in writing and share it broadly.  Read more about Getting Started.
  2. Teach your values to your stakeholders, especially new board and staff members.
  3. Live by your values – demonstrate actions that are in alignment with your stated values.  Revisit often.

Following are a number of articles focused on these topics.

Creating Systemic Change

HOW DO YOU TAKE SOMETHING FROM A DIVERSITY “PROJECT” TO BECOMING INTEGRATED INTO THE EVERYDAY WORKINGS OF AN INSTITUTION?   SYSTEMIC CHANGE IS AT THE HEART OF TRUE DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION WORK – – to get to a place where you no longer need an initiative, where the culture of the organization supports a genuine and … Continue reading Creating Systemic Change

Mentoring Programs

32Recruiting is not the only way to build a diverse and inclusive staff – and it’s not necessarily the best way – especially if your new recruits enter a team that’s not inclusive.   Unless you’ve committed to assessing your existing organizational culture and making necessary changes, you could be setting new hires and your organization … Continue reading Mentoring Programs