Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan… sometimes, you’re starting from a place of conflict…  That’s not unusual.  Diversity and inclusion conversations are not easy or everyone would be having them.

Those whose identities align with dominant populations (majority populations, groups with historically more access and opportunity), often are wary of diversity and inclusion efforts – past experiences may have left them feeling blamed and shamed, “the bad guy” in the movie.

Those whose identities align with non-dominant populations (minority populations, historically oppressed or under-served groups), area also often wary of diversity and inclusion initiatives.  They’ve been through them in the past and the experience may have left them feeling dejected, targeted, and hopeless about potential change.

So how do you move forward, when you’re starting from a place of conflict and mistrust? The following articles provide some good food for thought.


Last month I went with a friend to see the famed Holocaust Memorial Center located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  It’s one of the finest museums of its kind in the country and, like many people, I hadn’t seen one of the greatest things in my own backyard. It was a beautiful Saturday morning; the sun was … Continue reading #DIVERSITYFAIL