Hey, White People!

who-meLet’s change the way we think about race.

This 6-week series will transform the way you think about race.  It is six sessions of going deep, going personal, going local, and re-emerging more focused, more aware, more proactive.

When and where does it meet?  Sessions meet twice per month from 6pm-9pm on select Monday nights: Jan 21, 28.  Feb 11, 25.  Mar 4, 11.   All meetings take place in Ferndale.

How much does it cost?   Cost is $35/session.  Each session is 3 hours long.  Participants are required to participate in all six sessions.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to racial justice organizations.

How do I sign up?  Register early – participation is limited to 15 people.  Register online:  https://hey-white-people.eventbrite.com

For questions or more information, email LaToschConsulting@gmail.com.

Guiding Principles

  • Facilitated by white people for white people. We believe that white people need to do their own work in deconstructing racism and racial injustice.  We believe that the process of undoing requires that we unpack our whiteness, look at its attributes and then decide what to do with the various facets that we uncover.  This process is reflective, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, sometimes scary, often confusing.  Regardless of each individual’s journey, we believe in ensuring that this work is not done at the expense of people of color and as such we invite participation by white-identifying individuals in a group facilitated by a pair of likewise white-identifying facilitators.
  • A positive learning-focused process. This workshop series is facilitated by two seasoned group facilitators who have collectively led hundreds of group education and learning sessions.  The process is designed to help individuals learn and grow on a subject that is often shut down by fear and judgment; participants are always treated with care and compassion.  We also recognize that no one is perfect and all participants have some degree of learning and growth in front of them, even the facilitators.

Kathleen LaTosch-sqMark

Kathleen LaTosch, MSW,  and Mark MacMillan, LMSW and CAADC, first started working together in 2007 and have collectively facilitated hundreds of group education and awareness-building sessions.

  • Safe, accessible space. The meeting space will be comfortable, clean, and physically accessible.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will have a deeper sense of their own white identity and how they manifest their own whiteness in the world around them.
  2. Participants will develop a practice of “noticing” the world around them through a new, racially-deconstructed lens.
  3. Participants will practice behaviors designed to interrupt everyday manifestations of bias, both implicit and explicit.
  4. Participants will form relationships in and out of group to foster and support their on-going journey of self-knowledge as white people.

For questions or more information, email LaToschConsulting@gmail.com.