A Casestudy: One Nonprofit Story

This is a multi-part story documenting one historically white organization’s journey toward becoming racially inclusive.  The series seeks to document the challenges and successes faced along the way in an effort to provide a
learning tool for other nonprofit organizations who wish to do the same. 

Questions and Answers signpostPart 1: How To Create a Plan for Racial Inclusiveness
(Nov. 7, 2013)


Part 2: Perception Vs. Reality: Seeing through racialized lenses
(Dec. 4, 2013)


Part 3: The Cost of Diversity Without Inclusion
(Jan. 15, 2014)


Part 4: Building Trust After Trust is Broken
(Feb. 21, 2014)



Part 5: What Does Getting Commitment from the Top Look Like?
(Mar. 25, 2014)


planting seeds

Part 6: Beyond Diversity Programs: Planting Seeds for Systemic Change
(Apr. 23, 2014)



Part 7: I’ll Show You Mine: Transparency in Diversity & Inclusion Work
(June 30, 2014)


Read the full Blueprint For Change.  News about the Multicultural Advisory Committee.

Kathleen LaTosch at NCRC Annual Conference 2012Kathleen LaTosch worked for Affirmations from 2002-2011 and served as Chief Administrative Officer of Affirmations from 2007-2011.  While there, she was responsible for facilitation of the Multicultural Advisory Committee.  She now works as a consultant, providing strategic planning on diversity and inclusion initiatives for nonprofit organizations.  For more information, visit www.LaToschConsulting.com.