“Diversity is the mix, and inclusion is making the mix work” – Andres Tapia

Andres TapiaMany companies have gotten comfortable with the idea of bringing in people who look different. The problem is if those people start to act differently, they get told, ‘We don’t do it that way here.’

And so the person says, ‘I thought you wanted me because I was different.’ And the unspoken answer is, ‘We like the fact that you look different, but we don’t really like the fact that you think and behave different.’ [excerpt]

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NAACP Releases New Report Card on Hotel Industry Diversity & Inclusion

naacpOn November 30th, the NAACP released its first of seven report cards on diversity and inclusion in the workforce by industry – starting with the hotel and hospitality industry.  Of those assessed, none scored an “A”, with Marriott International scoring a “B-” – the highest score of any business analyzed.  The report is the first that will be released over the course of the next four years that take a closer look at common diversity measures such as hiring and job advancement; contracting and procurement; and ownership.  Read More here.