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What Kind of Diversity & Inclusion Training Do We Need and How Much Will it Cost?

I get a lot of calls for “diversity training” and my first question is always, what kind of training do you need?  Most don’t know.  Most also don’t know how to answer the question.

In order to figure out what your organization needs, it’s a good idea to start with the question, “Why do you want training?”  Answers to this can be varied.  And while there are certainly innumerable answers to this question, here are three typical responses [read more here]

Training and Workshops offered by LaTosch Consulting

Many of these trainings are offered periodically to the public in Southeastern Michigan – look for current dates and availability.  Others can be scheduled directly for your organization and customized to your needs.

General & HR Training on Implicit Bias

  • Unconscious/Implicit Bias Training  90-minute training on understanding implicit bias and its implications for how groups and individuals function.  Available for large groups.
  • Recruiting, Screening & Interviewing: Strategies that Mitigate for Implicit Bias  Two-hour training for those involved in recruiting, screening and interviewing candidates.

DEI Strategic Planning

  • “So, You Think You’re Ready for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?” Two-hour workshop that helps your organization assess its readiness to begin deeper diversity, equity and inclusion work with presentation of model/framework for creating an action plan.
  • Creating a Values Statement  One-hour workshop that leads your team through the first steps of drafting a diversity, equity, inclusion values statement that is directly tied to your organization’s mission.

Culture-Specific Training

  • who-meHey White People!  A 6-week, 18-hour series for white people to learn more about their own roots and how they interface with people across racial difference.  Next workshop series begins Monday, January 21 2019 (Ferndale, MI).
  • LGB Inclusion in the Workplace  Offered in one and two-hour options and designed for employers seeking to create more inclusive working conditions for lesbian, gay, and bisexual employees.
  • Gender Identity in the Workplace  Offered in one and two-hour options and designed for employers with gender transitioning employees.  Covers cultural considerations, language and policies/practices for gender-inclusive environments.
  • Caring for LGBT Older Adults  A four-hour workshop designed for organizations serving older adults, including healthcare services and senior services.  Next workshop offered Friday, January 4, 2019 (Bay City, MI)

Leadership Development

  • A year-long investment in developing the intercultural adaptability of your Leadership Team using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).  This process involves measuring intercultural skill and adaptability using the IDI, identifying individual and group learning plans, engaging in a series of facilitated group learning activities, and finishing with a re-assessment at the end of 12 months with recommendations for continued learning and development.  Call for more information about working with your leadership team: 248-812-9202.