Introducing A New Blog: White Voices on Race

I’ve recently launched a new blog, “White Voices on Race.”  The first piece unpacks how white people, intentionally or otherwise, put up “Keep out” signs in their lives that prevent their ability to build relationships across difference. An introductory snippet:

Keep Out-hortKEEP OUT

I’m reading “Sundown Towns” by James Loewen.  It’s a fascinating deep dive into the circumstances that resulted in today’s suburbia being nearly all white and inner cities being nearly all black.  A sundown town was a town which expelled its existing black residents from 1890-1940 (sometimes Jewish and Chinese too, but mostly African American), then posted signs at its borders with the warning: “[racial epithet], don’t let the sun set on you in this town!”  People of color could work there, but couldn’t live there or be there after dark without significant risk to their personal safety…

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