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We believe that entities can only do their best work by attending to and strengthening the diversity, equity and inclusion within their organizations.

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LaTosch Consulting is an independent diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy providing a range of services designed to help organizations reach their goals.

We believe that entities can only do their best work by attending to and strengthening the diversity, equity and inclusion within their organizations.

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Building a just and equitable future

Our approach involves nurturing an environment where every voice matters, where we measure progress, and where consultants serve as catalysts for meaningful transformation. Join us on this journey as we illuminate the path towards a just and equitable society, step by step, together.

We believe diversity is simply the existence of variation within and among any group of people. Inclusion, when viewed from a diversity-affirming perspective, includes the processes that lift up, amplify, and maximize our diverse qualities, characteristics, experiences, and thinking. We believe that equity is a structural and systemic concept that also manifests at the individual level. Equity work entails understanding and addressing the root causes of disparities and barriers to access that exist currently within our society’s institutions and systems. Applying an equity lens in the deconstruction and transformation of organizations and current systems is one step toward building a more just and equitable society.

We believe that embodying the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion needs to be a lifespan commitment for any organization engaging in this work.  A temporary diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative will not “fix” our organizations nor immediately and magically yield equitable results. Changing systemic inequities at the organizational and societal levels is a long game and requires that we continually work toward it.  A one-off training (that isn’t repeated), a diversity initiative (that ends), or a strategic plan (that may or may not be implemented) will not make lasting change and risk leaving staff more disillusioned than when they started.  Rather, positive change happens by centering an organization’s intention, attention, and resources for the long term in order to enhance an organization’s growth and development related to DEI.

Everyone within an organization will have their own unique position or place for their diversity, equity, and inclusion work, often rooted in very personal experiences.  It is critical during a DEI engagement to provide spaces for openness, honesty, and vulnerability by honoring all perspectives in conversations and the development of strategies.  Co-created action plans that are practical and effective come from processes with employees who are united in purpose, understanding, and commitment.

We believe that identifying clear, measurable objectives when designing action plans will best support an organization in effectively moving toward their DEI goals. Setting measurable goals enables the group to assess its progress and adjust its plans over time to better achieve, and in some cases adapt, goals.

As Consultants, our role is to collaboratively develop and manage an effective process that achieves your organizational goals.   This means working collaboratively and in concert with staff, organizational leadership, and board members to learn about current conditions, assess strengths and opportunities for growth, reflect those learnings back, fold in best practices, and develop plans that are relevant and realistic for the organization to implement successfully.  During this process, it often means that all parties, and especially the consultants, must maintain flexibility and the ability to pivot and accommodate the unexpected shifts that may arise.

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